Freitag, 1. April 2016

01.4.2016 - Power failure day

This day started out really well! The instruments that had been running over night performed well, and in the morning we also started the single particle mass spectrometer "ALABAMA" which also worked well. But then, at about noon, strange noises and even smoke came from some instruments, and we got a total power failure in our meaurement container. Many fuses were blown and some instruments didn't start up after we reset the fuses.
The reason for the power failure was not clear. Most likely the voltage in one of the phases was a little to high (Cyprus has nominal 240V and 10% tolerance is allowed), so that 260 V might have been in one phase, leading to too low voltage in another phase, leading to higher current taken from some instruments...
The responsible technician arrived (although it is a public holiday today), measured the power supply and distribution and the total power consumption but found that everything is in order.
So, at the end we decided to try again, and hope for the best!
Most of the instruments that didn't start just had a fuse blown or the DC converter was damaged, these all could be replaced, such that almost all instruments were up and running again by 18:00.

Additionally, we also managed to lift a heavy high-volume sampler onto the roof of the container:

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